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1st exercise in 2 weeks!

Sorry i seem to be posting lots........But got to share this......

Throughout summer in a bid to lose weight and get fit i started biking again. Got up to 25 miles, four times a week. pretty good i thought.

Well since i stopped smoking haven't really had the inclination to go out on my bike, one thing at a time and all that.

Went today, for the first time since i stopped smoking 9 days ago......

WOW!!!!! Talk about bionic!!! lol

Did 25 miles at least 20 minutes quicker, hardly out of breath, no coughing at the end....really amazing!

May i suggest anyone who has stopped recently, as an added reason to never smoke again, go for a walk, run, cycle now and see the difference for yourself!

I know it's obvious, but until i actually felt it i would never have guessed the difference is so dramatic!!

And the buzz FAR outweighs any dirty cigarette!!

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Hi Brett

That's fantastic, well done you!

im on day 16 today, and Ive decided once i hit 3 weeks, thats it im starting my jogging up :eek: probably i will only make it to the end of the street ha ha but im sure i will get better, just got to keep going!

make sure i keep it up, youll be doing the "Tour De France" next year!!!

Have a really good "No Smoking Day!"



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