No Smoking Day
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My diary - day 6

Hi all. Well I'm almost at a week!!! Only just Got out of my pit so not sure how I feel today haha!! Anyway got loads to do so that should keep my mind occupied... Back to uni tmrow so that'll be a big test when i'm back wiv all my smokey mates plus the stress of the course (not that that is an excuse, there's hundrerds on the course that don't smoke and they cope ha ).

Anyway hope everyone has a good day. I'll pop back later and let you know how today is going xxx

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hi BabyD,

well done for getting this far!

I went back to uni last week and the first 2 days were a bit tough, as i had to walk through a cloud of smoke just to get into the building (all the smokers congregate in front of the doors to our lecture theatre).

But now i am feeling fine again and have just put it to the back of my mind.


Hi claire. Ur prob right there if I put it to the back of my mind and concentrate on all my essays, assignments and exams it should be easily forgotten I hope lol x


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