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My diary - Day 5 and worried

Hi all. I'm half way thro day 5 and I've started with "the cough". The trouble is it's a yukky colour!!! I've convinced myself I've got some god awful illness now as when I was smoking I had a bit of a cough but never with brownish stuff - sorry tmi I know!!!

Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this?? Other than that and being horrendously tired I'm ok. I've actually been swimming for almost two hrs this afternoon and I wasn't ridiculously out of puff either!! Yippee

Hope everyone else is having a good day. Keep it up xxx

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I actualy never experienced 'the cough'.

My kids kept me busy with the swimming thing thou. Specialy Megan who's 15, she was good at dragging me to the pool. Just keep busy and work your way throu it. Megan always said to me 'is it sore?' I had to say no.


Ah bless her. Kids are great for keeping u going aren't they!!! I just hope it's a bit of lung clearing and nothing serious x


I got 'The Cough' last time I gave up.... brown and black speckled gunk. I couldn't believe what had been lurking in there all those years.... no wonder I felt breathless so much.

You'd have thought that having seen first hand the amount of tar that ends up in your lungs that I'd never have smoked again! Unfortunately I let my guard down after 2 years and nicodemon hit me when I was down.

I won't let him pull that one again!


Yep I'm STILL coughing :eek: Though no way near as bad as I was when I 1st gave up. I'm also coughing up some rather disgusting stuff, though again that's getting less now. Someone once told me it's good to be coughing it up, at least it's getting unstuck from your lungs!

All the best, you're doing fab!

Jane ;)


Cough & Phlem

I am on day 5 and today have been really coughing up gunk. It's thick and I guess it good I'm getting it out. The cravings have lessened. My hardest time is right before bed for whatever reason. Really glad I quit.

*15/day for 22 years* Last smoke 10/3/10 :)


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