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Chest Infection??? help

I attempted to quit last week, by day three i had a pain in my chest just above breast (sorry) region, it felt like a muscular ache - like i'd pulled something, anyway i caved in and had a fag. my new quit date was tues and today is day 2 and i can feel the muscular ache creeping back, ive also got a croaky voice and soreish throat - it isnt consistently sore my throat but on and off throughout the day.

the not smoking thing so far aint bothering me but this chest pain is - it is the type of ache u get when u have a chest infection, i do have a cough but nothing more or less than when i was sparking up

would be grateful of any help pls xxx :)

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I am sorry you are feeling a bit achy but I think this is a result of the nicotine leaving the system and your coughing up the crap, if you are worried I suggest you make an appointment with your Doc or your Nurse and talk to them about it, I think they will put your mind at rest and that will help you in the long run, smoking long term will give you a lot more than an ache in your chest it will give you a shorter life for one and some major smoking related diseases amongst other things, think of how much better you will feel if you quit and stay quit, massively I promise



The first time I gave up, I had been smoking heavily for 20 years. At the beginning of my quit I got a horrendous cough as my lungs cleared out years of gunk and came back to life... don't want to get into gory details but there was plenty of brown and black coming out!!! Yuk! I went to the doctors at the time as it was so bad and was told that when we smoke we lose feeling in the lungs. They have to go numb else we'd cough every time we inhaled. As the feeling comes back into them, then they start to recover from the years of abuse.

It all settled back down again after a couple of weeks.

Coughs, sore throats etc are very common in the early stages of a quit!


Thank u jamangieand cantante. I feel better physically today, just an ache in my arm and shoulder (think I've slept funny ha). I am shattered aswell tbh but I have done a fair bit today, being a bone idle student I've been off for the last 4 or so months, I've now secured a placement which requires a bit of brain work so maybe that and the healing process is tiring me out.

Anyway here's to day 4 cos 3 has been hard work if I'm honest. Xxx


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