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No Smoking Day
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Approaching 24 hours

Hi all,

It's almost 24 hours since I last had a ciggie. I'm finding it really hard, and am trying not to use the nicotine replacement therapies, as I think I am better off going cold turkey.

I had a quick question - I just decided to give up. No pre-planning or forethought, just decided that after 12 years, enough was enough. But, that means I still have a pack of fags in my handbag, and about 100 at home from a recent trip away...should I bin them or keep them?!

Side effects are really tough, but I just need to keep telling myself that it's not going to kill me!

Any support / advice gratefully received!


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Well done on trying to quit and making it through 24 hours. Im going cold tukey too and on day 5 now. Ive tried lots of different NRT but the only way to get clean I think is to go cold turkey so I think your doing it the right way. And think that if you do smoke again, you will have to go through the last 24 hours again, which Im sure was hell for you. Up to day 3-4 will be really hard as thats when all the nicotine is removed from your body but hang in there! it will get eaiser after that.

And I would throw them away, ripping them up and drenching them in water, that way you have an extra incentive not to smoke as if you have to buy more then the money you spent on thiose you throw away will have been wasted, but if you stay quit then they were thrown away for the right reasons. Best of luck!


I don't know... for one of my failed quits I got rid of all my cigarettes and it just made me more desperate! I'd rather have them around (although not in a very visible place like a handbag or on a table - thats torture!) so I can keep reminding myself that not smoking is MY CHOICE and I'm not 'depriving' myself of anything.

Good luck with your quit, just remember that feeling of when it came to you that after 12 years you'd just 'had enough' - be strong, you're doing so well.


I'm with Sofia about keeping the cigs as you can always get more anyways... perhaps you can sell the 100 tho and buy your self something nice as a reward for not smoking :)

I actually have an open pack in my book shelf. But then again, I kinda like the fight... am enjoying the strength Im finding in my self - never believed it was there :cool:


.... I still have a pack of fags in my handbag, and about 100 at home from a recent trip away...should I bin them or keep them?!

I saw the light one into a new pack and tossed the remaining 19 on the side. They stayed there for months and months and at some point got thrown away.

If your mind's right just get on with your quit. Throwing them away doesn't make your quit easier. Having them near doesn't make it harder.

Of course some quitters might not be able to stay quit if they knew there was a pack of fags in the drawer/handbag/glovebox etc

We all quit in our own way and you have to sort of navigate yours.

On the plus side you're statistically on the route to success.

The cold turkey, "I don't want to smoke no more," stop today on the spur of the moment, change of attitude, quit has the best success rate of all.

Remember, cravings aren't withdrawal and H.A.L.T Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? each time they appear.

72 hours quit is all nicotine gone and then it's just a battle with your subconscious.

Knowledge is your ammunition and it can be a relatively easy battle.

If you feel overwhelmed by the opposition your holding the wrong gun.

Don't worry about choosing a hat when your opponent comes just get behind the biggest gun you can find maybe even in a tank? :)



I kept 7 of my fags, and i know they are there. It's up to you. I am feeling pretty grim now



Hi all,

Just wanted to say thank you - as you probably gathered, I'm new to the site, so any advice gratefully received.

keatesy82 - how long is it since you gave up? I've literally just hit 24 hours. The mood swings / change in attitude from one minute to the next are incredible. But we have to remember that this won't kill us.

For the moment I'm just going to pretend the fags aren't there, and when I'm ready, I'll get rid of them.

Thank you so much for all your comments, some really helpful ideas, thank you.




I was on day two yesterday. I was a mess by last night. I went to bed early, i've not been sleeping and just trying to keep busy xx i feel like i've split up from a serious boyfriend haha. x


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