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Hello, Im new on day 4


My name is Dave and I’m new on here, I’m currently quitting and I’m on day four.

I’m 27 years old and I have smoked on and off since I was 21, started doing it here and there when I was with friends and it was on and off for a long time, but in that time I went a year and a half without smoking, then I started again, again when stood around with friends.

I became a proper smoker around summer of 2007, on between 15-20 a day. As that was a hard year for me. My first quit attempt was then new year 09, I used patches and went through the full 12 week program, 8 weeks 15 mg, 2 weeks 10mg, 2 weeks 5 mg, then three days after coming off them, I light up. Very stupid. This was one of the first tell tale signs that I don’t care how I get the nicotine, I just need the nicotine.

So was smoking again around 10 a day till I tried to quit again July 09, this time I tried to use the nicotine nasal spray, and that worked a little too well. Would use about a bottle of that in 4-5 days at £20 a time. That kept my off smoking till around December 09. My girlfriend became pregnant in October 09, this and other stresses is what caused me to start again. But as my girlfriend wasn’t smoking, I wasn’t smoking around her, I was using the nasal spray throughout the day so I didn’t smell of it, then smoking when I left her on a night. Very stupid.

I managed to stop and get off the spray completely around March this year. My daughter was born in June. As the first line of this points out though, I started again 2 months ago, again mixing between cigs and the nasal spray. I hate the fact that I have always been so dependent on Nicotine and sometimes I don’t feel right at all without it. I know the only way to get free of this is to go cold turkey and if I can get to 6 months with no nicotine (that includes NRT and Cigs) I will be very happy. Nicotine itself still speeds up metabolism and heart rate and as I want to put a bit of weight on too, I need to get off it completely.

I smoked when I went out on Friday night but I am happy to say that I have gone completely cold turkey since then and the last three days were very hard. I’m on day 4 now and I am so determined not to put any nicotine in my body and with will power and I hope with your help I will succeed.

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Hello Dave, well you've made the important decision, and that's to quit and you've tried before so you're obviously determined.

I totally understand the slavery to nicotine feeling, and my advice to you would be read, learn and understand all about the addiction. Don't try to ignore the cravings if they happen, meet them head on and understand why they're happening. The trouble with trying to put them out of our minds is that sub-consciously they are still lurking there, waiting for the right moment to strike. But if that crave is consciously thought about and the reasons not to smoke are thought about, it'll stop you thinking that perhaps just one won't hurt. The more craves tackled face on, the weaker the craves get until that nicodemon throws in the towel.

I won't pretend it's easy, you've been there and you know what it can be like, but it is absolutely worth it. Drink plenty of fluids (water and fruit juice), avoid caffeine. Do nice things for yourself, or for someone else to make you feel good about yourself. Find things that make you smile or better still laugh. Scream and cry if you need to and if that nicodemon comes snapping around give him a firm boot in the behind.

Take it one day at a time and you're six months will be there before you know it. It's the right decision and you will do it.

Lorraine :)


Thanks lozza, Im really going for it this time, sorry for the life story but I wanted to put all my smoking history out there and leave it behind once and for all. Ill keep everyone posted on my progress.


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