No Smoking Day
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Day 1

Hi all. My day one was supposed to be yesterday but had a bit of a mare!!!! Anyway here i am the patch is on and I'm ready to face this!!! I put my husbands patch on whilst he was still asleep cos he's a "smoke before he opens his eyes kind of person" lol. By the way does anybodys arm ache when using patches. I feel like I've had a tetanus shot, ouchie!!!! Anyway all have s good smoke free day. I'm off to get something done wiv my hair :) xxx

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Good luck Baby, my thoughts are with you. Just get through today and then we tackle tomorrow.



Well done on giving up.....I went cold turkey so have no idea about patches...just wanted to send my best wishes to you and your husband. Have a great day.


thanks for ur support. well thought i'd call back in to report how the day is going so far. Had my hair cut n coloured this morning which was a nice little treat and ive been out food shopping all afternoon with my 3, nearly 4 yr old so that kept my mind occupied and as u can't light up in tesco's anyway it didn't seem to bother me. the only prob ive got is a really bad headache, the arm my patch is on aches like mad and my neck and shoulder on the opposite arm also aches??? very strange :confused: Ive got an appointment with my quit smoking nurse on fri so im hoping my carbon monoxide breath test thingie is the figure she wants it to be.

Hope everyone is having a good smoke free day and keep at it ur all doing fab xxx :)


Hi there

I'm using the patch but haven't suffered the bad arm like you have, if you're seeing the nurse Friday I'd mention it to her, I used the patch a couple of years ago and really didn't get on with it as it itched soooo much, this time I was told to waft it about a bit before sticking it on and it's not so bad! Headaches are common and so is dizziness (I had that majorly on the highest dose!!!), sickness feelings too, I think your body settles / adjusts after a while.

I wish you all the best, I'm 2 days off a full calender month - it's no way easy but we HAVE to kick this disgusting habit!

Jane x


Wow jane almost a month is fab!!! Well done. Spoke to my husband earlier to see how he's getting on whilst at work, he works for himself sort of so cud smoke when he wanted. He's also using a 21mg patch, he says his arm is fine (he's twice the size of me tho lol) anyway he did say that he's got a bad headache tho. He also said he isn't craving very much it's just at certain times when he'd usually have a fag he keeps thinking he's forgotten to do something work related and he has a look round and then it hits him "ah I'd normally have a fag after doing a visit" or whatever he's just done ha!! I'm ok cos I've kept so busy today. I'm back at Uni next week too so I'll be soooo busy then I won't have time to blink never mind smoke. Xx


Good luck :)

When i used patched in prevouis quits.. i had the exact same problem with them !


Thanks emma. It helps when someone else has had the same prob. It's feeling a lil bit better today. :) x


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