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No Smoking Day
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day 5 :)

wohoooooo i am on the begining of day 5 yesterday was a tough one !!! but i got through.. working in a shop which sells tobaccoo can be hard at times but ity also helps looking at the money that is spent :) x (which i am now not spending :) ....... my work mate hasnt had a fag break since i stopped but she has had lots of wee breaks ( bless her ) even tough at first i told no one what i was doing i am now telling everyone who will listen and the different replies can be quite funny !!! some peoples reactions can be strange ???? xx anyway anyone who is going through any stage of this war!!!! keep up the good work :) breathe deeply ( now that we can lol ) and lets get on with life :) xxxx

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Congratulations Sally, day 5 and you sound as though you are doing just fine. It is shocking isn't it the amount of money spent on the filthy habit, and to what gain? Makes me feel a little embarrassed to have been part of it for so long.

Hope you have a fabulous day 5, you'll be sailing into week 2 before you know.

Well done you,

Lorraine :)


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