No Smoking Day
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I dont stink!

I mean literally. I don't smell of fags and its lovely.

Today was day 1. I finished Allen Carrs book last night and lept out of bed this morning ready to be a non smoker. It was strange. There's no denying it. So many habits and routines had to change. The cigarette after breakfast, the cigarette outside work before starting, declining invitations for fag breaks all day, none after dinner. All strange.

I've been thinking about smoking a lot today. Not wanting a cigarette but recognising when the craving was there and facing it. Again, strange.

I have genuinely not come close to smoking today but I'm not going to be cocky. I think letting my guard down would be the start of the end. I intentionally walked past a group of smokers today and I felt nothing.

I smoked 30 a day. Having that extra £10 in my pocket at the end of the day we wonderful. Have you ever noticed how cheap a supermarket trip is when you just want lunch and don't factor in fags!!

I do have a very upset stomach today. Is that normal? I have a general feeling of being queasy all day. I haven't eaten anything weird. Is it smoking related?? I'm also exhausted. It's not even 9 and Im ready for bed. I guess thats due to the lack of stimulants.

Other than that day 1 has been great. Feeling confident but not smug :D

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It seems that nicotine (or most likely a combination of things in cigarettes) does impact on the entire body; tiredness, a sense of weirdness/anxiety and gastric problems are pretty normal after giving up nicotine entirely, or just having a minimal dose through NRT, at least for a week or two.

Not quite as bad as the guy suffered from in Trainspotting, but noticeable. :D


hi pony, that was a lovely account of your first day, it really reminded me what it was like although i wouldn't have been brave enough to quit on a work day! :) i had similar problem with an upset stomach - i read somewhere that nicotine allows the body to convert sugars and fats instantly to energy, and so without nicotine we have to retrain ourselves to wait 30 minutes after eating before we get our energy - this is why a newly quit smoker still thinks they are hungry right after eating, their body is expecting the nicotine to free energy but it does not come... so maybe that is why the upset stomach... maybe :)

look forward to hearing more about your quit, best of luck, 5mol<er


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