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Really struggling (Part II)

Hi all,

Haven't been on for a couple of weeks, apart from a quick browse now and again.

Am 6.5 months smokefree, but again am really serioulsy suffering with some bad cravings - so much so, that on Saturday I had to have half a piece of (smokers) gum that I keep in my bag.

What on earth is going on at this stage of my quit???

Anybody else having these cravings at 6 months + ????:confused::confused:

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Not sure why u have it now....but I did around that stage too....did you

quit using gum recently? Stick with it will pass.


Sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment, many of us have these points when we think we are over the worst and then the monster rears it's ugly head and we have to just get through it. It will pass and you will be all the stronger for getting through it. Do some reading, it will help.

Stay strong, and remember that this is just the monster sitting on your shoulder and he will not last there long if you ignore him.

Sending some PMA and a hug to help you through.


I agree, it will pass soon fact it may have done already. you'll possibly find a few instances of heightened craving periods but just keep resisting as you have been doing so far.

As Bev suggests, read around and get some positive affirmation back on board. Post a bit too, if that helps.

I found on 10 months I had huge crave....just so happened it coincided with getting a dose of the flu for the first time since I quit. Knocked me for 6 and even came with fevered nightmares of smoking nicodemons.

Time plays a big part in this issue...the longer you don't smoke the easier it gets to resist. To the point where it becomes negligible.


Thanks guys, your advice sounds a bit promising for the future..I will stick with it, but it is constantly on my mind at the moment....:(


Hi Nicki, I was a bit the same, the thought was always there and I truly believed that I would spend the rest of my life thinking about smoking, and then it got so there would be bigger and bigger gaps in-between the thoughts and now at 9 months + there are not really any thoughts and If I’m honest the only time I really think about smoking (and not in the sense I want to smoke) is when I come on here, but I promise it does get better, just hang in there and soon it will all fall into place and you will stop craving for good and only think about it like a fleeting memory.


Thanks Jamangie, hope it does get better..xx


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