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I've made 7 whole days!!!!! OMG


Morning Everyone.

Hope you all had a good weekend? Im so pleased with myself ive not smoked for a whole 7 days :D and I feel brillant!! My skin feels really clean and smooth I feel so different. Thorpe Park was fantastic and I didnt even have time to think of a smoke, and I had afew glasses of wine too. :) I cant wait to have 2 weeks under my belt. Im aiming to save up for a holiday next to france with my daughter. I have a feeling Im going to make it!!!

Remember Just Ride the Wave!!!

Hope everyone has a good "No Smoking Day Today!!"


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Good morning to you too Jules.

You sound so happy and positive, that's fantastic and 7 days done and dusted, 7 days that you will never have to do again, brilliant.

You have every right to feel very proud of yourself, days out, drinking wine, and a trip to France to plan - enjoy.

A huge well done, keep up the good work.

Thanks Bev

Ya for some reason I am coping I feel quite different on this quit :confused: one day at a time, and riding the waves, half way through a very stressful day at work, and im fine!

Thanks again take care have a good day!

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