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hi new here,may i join you all?

hi everyone,ill get right to the point,i want to become like you all a none smoker and after so many attempts,many gadgets,failed.A friend of mine who smoked many,for many yrs has now quit,she used the Eciggy.I am asthmatic i have read up on many Eciggy user reports,many saying they dont need their inhalers,sprays anylonger so i assume are asthmatics,I so want to quit and hope this time to be sucsesfull.has anyone here asthmatic used this Eciggy? were you ok on it?,or would i be best asking my gp before i try it?.Any advice given would be gratefull,thankyou for reading,and a big,big,WELL DONE to you all who have quit and quitting.regards ellen.x

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Hi Ellen... and Welcome!!!

I haven't tried the Eciggie.... being a Champix girl myself... but we come in all shapes and sizes in here... whatever method you've chosen to quit, you'll get all the support you need! :)

Spend time reading the posts on here and follow the links in people's signatures... it really will help to prepare you.

It's a tough journey but you'll find some great travelling companions here... good luck!!


Thankyou cantante for the big welcome,at last im part of a team, and look forward to meeting lots of friends,getting help,and hoping to help others along the way.xx


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