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I'm new - on day 3!!!

Hi everyone,

Well I've been having a read through these forums and thought I'd join in, for that extra little bit of support, and hopefully to support others!!! I'm Scott, 33 year old in Scotland.

I had my lasy disgusting ciggie on Tuesday afternoon, I'm about 25 minutes away from a whole 3 days quit!! I was on about 30 a day, a very heavy smoker. I'm using the patches, and seem to be getting on ok - still have horrible cravings though :(

I guess now it's all about taking it one day at a time. I have tried several times before, but I've never been this focused :) By my calculation though I have saved about £30!!! Paid for my new xbox game this weekend lol

Anyway, I'll be popping on here on a daily basis to read how everyone is doing, and for that bit of support ;)


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Hi Scott! Well done for deciding to quit... no doubt a 30 a day habit is a heavy one! 3 days is really amazing :)

hope you've managed to find some good tips here that can help you through!


You are doing well

Well done Scott, and like you I was 30 a day and probably more at weekends, by reading my posts you will see my reasons for quitting that might keep you focused on your quit, but well done so far and keep reading and posting.



Thanks guys for the extra words of support! That's day 4 almost complete :)

Getting really grumpy now lol!!!

I just have to remember it will get easier!!


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