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What just happened


:eek:Ok I blew it after 60 days.

I should be on day 65 today but I have smoked at least one cigarette every day for the last 5 days so here I am back at day one.

If I only had a brief slip up of one night or so I would say ok I’m on day 65 but 5days worth of slip up’s I am now where I deserve to be and if I don’t get my head out of my ass I may be stuck on day one for many more days to come since every day seems to bring along another excuses to smoke.

60 days wasted go figure:mad::mad::mad:

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Oh no! Sparky! What a shame!

You seem very determined to start your quit again though which is great.

Like always, figure out what when wrong and what made you smoke (and carry on) in the first place 5 days ago.

I'm feel so bad for you... 60 days wasted is annoying... but how about seeing it as a new record to beat?

I'll admit, I'm feeling like giving in... your post has really helped me realise that its not going to feel good when I do... thanks for that.

Im so sorry sparky, i now im only on day 3, i cant believe u got that far and didnt manage to ride the wave. im hopefully starting to believe that a smoke doesnt help in anyway shape or form to get u through the day, but i havent had a glass of wine, so, in that case i might not ever drink again ha good luck on your next quit, keep with it! U can do it u know u can!!!!


Sorry to hear that you've given up on that quit Sparky. But don't feel down about it. You remember how it was to give up for 60 days? Next time give up for 61 then take it a day at a time. Everyone here knows what you are going through and we're all here to help. Get yourself prepared then give it another shot.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Good luck with the new quit! I think you are right to head back to day 1, that way in a years time you can know that you have not smoked at all in the last year!

For me I always knew that if I blipped it would be straight back to day 1 (it still would be now) and that was one of the things that I drew upon in the hard times that there was no way I was heading back to day 1 again.

Of course the choice is a personal one but for me its pretty black and white its currently Two Years, Two Months, Four Days, 23 Hours and 14 Minutes since I last took a drag on a cigarette. I couldn't say that with blips and slips in between.

This time is the time buddy, just focus and N.O.P.E.

Sorry to hear that Sparky, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try, try again!

Jane x

Quit! NOW!!! You hear me!!! I am not gonna allow you to roll in self pity and find reasons why its all gone now and that you might as well smoke. That is just another reason!

60 days is NOT wasted!!! If you think how much tar has cleared from your lungs, how much money you saved, how many situations you have learned to go through without a smoke, how risks of getting ill has dropped etc. its still a great accomplishment. I would say you are in day 1 with nicotine, but still in day 60 with all the other gazillion horrible toxins that you've been putting into your system.

But you do need to quit NOW! Don't think that its all gone down the drains and that nothing matters anymore. Rest of your life matters! And what you have done so far matters!

well those are 60 days of valuable experience of how to live and deal with life as a non smoker - plus you clearly realise just how addictive nicotine is, and that to continue with your aim to quit you need to be here in the day 1 forum - i think that is a good sign! plus if you a-na-lyse (censor wants me to widen my vocab) why you started again you will be armed and ready when you are back on day 60 again. judging by the responses to your post you will have an enourmous encourageing influence on your fellow quitters, every day of your journey back to 60 days will be an inspiration! have it!! 5mol<er

What just happened is you woke Nicomonster and his insatiable appetite for nicotine, and now he wants more and more and more!

I did this for soo long, having ones here and there and it inevitably led you know where. In addiction there is no such thing as just one. You can quit cos you've done it. You don't wana be smoking those five fags a day so stop and quit again, and never another puff;)

Thank you everyone for your posts and for all the support, what a mess this turned into. The reason I posted it and didn't keep it to myself was that I hope I save someone else the aggravation that I caused myself. It has gotten a little or a lot out of hand depending on your view. It starts slowly and grows quickly. Hate to say I saw it coming but been here before…… tomorrow, tomorrow, it always tomorrow. Can’t change it now

.... and the danger period isn't only a couple of months into your quit. I had been quit 2 years when Nicodemon struck me. It tells you that 'just the one' won't hurt. Then it tells you that you've had one so you might as well have another.... you can quit again tomorrow..... and before you know it, you're back a smoker!

It took me another 2 years to build up the strength again to quit again. Two years of being ashamed of myself, of hating myself for giving in.

Stop it now in it's tracks Sparky!!!! Don't let it get you!!!

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