No Smoking Day
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....and I'm still here!!!

Glad to say that I've now made it to day 3.

Last night got a bit tough for a while... but at least it meant that I got the ironing done... and hoovered the house from top to bottom..... and polished.....!!!

Day time is fine while I'm at work.... it's the endless evenings when my brain feels free to rebel..... contingency plan for tonight is to clear all the clutter out of my wardrobe...

..... and when Nicodemon starts whispering....

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I start my quit tomorrow. Well done on getting this far, I am envious of you already!

Stay strong and keep posting.


Another day down, well done again. Found today easier than yesterday but not going to get complacent know that the strongest urges just come out of nowhere. Gosh can't quite believe it's three whole days without smoking that's sixty fags and almost twenty pounds. My house is also looking pretty clean:D.


Yeh... I've found it easier today too! Well done us... clean lungs AND clean houses!! :D

Good luck tomorrow Summer! :)


new to forum

hi i am new to forum but have read with interest before i started champix 9th sept stoppped smoking 4 . 30 pm 17th sept so now on 3rd night 2nd day . i have had no side effects untill 17th which is why i stopped then could not hack that sensation every time i had a cig!!! the dreams are so vivid and horrible i have not taken a pill tonight i really need some sleep so lets hope i can cope ! feel good and not as ratty and evil as when i tried ct and nr patches i have told one of my daughters i have taken champix husband and other daughter dont seem to have noticed i have stopped smoking !!! lets see how long it takes shall we lol crowbag


Hi crowbag

I've found the side effects with the Champix have lessened over time. The dreams aren't quite as vivid as they were and I'm sleeping better as time wears on. I'm not feeling as sick with them as I was either. Just stick with them.... I'm sure it will soon ease off!

Well done on your quit so far!!! You know when the day has come to quit on Champix when you start thinking that you can't stand the thought of having a fag because it makes you feel so ill when you smoke! I have to keep reminding myself how ill I felt when I had a cigarette to reassure myself that I really don't want so much as a sly puff now!

Day 8 for me now and feeling good!!! :D


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