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The horrors

Hi all,

I am on day 5 and it has been miserable. But i can't blame the fags, I just feel lousy. I have no energy and thought I was going to faint in a furniture shop, luckily I just made use of the beds and comfy sofas and didn't keel over after all. I think it is the strong patch that is to blame, but I didn't take it off. Was not working today, so am able to be sick if I feel like it. Went out last night and all around me were smoking (an outdoor place) and it made me feel pretty tense , not my usual self. At one point my bf said "stop suffering and just have one". Amazingly , I did not!! He was only trying to help. He knows if he says "keep going, resist temptation", I cave immediately. So good tactics. But it was hard and although i had a couple of beers, I didn't feel tipsy till i had a gin/lemon at the end of the night, very tasty. I finally relaxed a wee bit, and didn't stress re the smokes. Basically, going out is a minefield.

Anyway, feel too weak to smoke today. But the thought of never smoking agan doesn't make me go "yipee". Hope tomorrow is better.BF has just lit a fag next to me on the sofa. At least I can benefit fro the passive smoking!!

Sorry, if this all sounds negative. Underneath I am quietly determined and actually get quite angry when I think of all the lives ciggies have claimed etc. They will not take mine!!!

Hats off to all you quitters. Forza!!


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hi rachel, glad to see you made it through. hold on to that anger, it's directed at the right place, cigarettes! and keep that patch on!! if you were lacking energy and feeling faint maybe you need to eat more regularly, they say fruit juice is good when quitting because of the sugar content i think..

i'm with you on the thought of never smoking again not being a 'yippee moment' - but even using my nicotine rotted brain i can dimly see there may be some good reasons for quitting, so i'll hold on this path for now, :)




My husband still smoked after I quit but took his addiction outside, else I could not have managed it, so hats off to you for managing to do it whilst the smoking is in your face all of the time.




Hi, thanks for the advice re eating more etc. I tend to eat less when I stop smoking for some reason (possibly cos there is no fag at the end of a meal?). I am drinking orange juice which ir really nice, cos we have this machine thing that you squeeze the orange onto it and it goes round and round and the juuce arrives undereath and then you pour it. I feel like the queen or someone equally privileged when I do this routine. Delicious and good fun to make. It is an- old fashioned machine, but cute as a button. I recommend it!

Today I feel better physically but emotionally a bit low. Yes, Fiona , it is difficult having a bf who smokes, but, also, it is a test of my will-power and it wouldn't matter if he smoked or not really. I would still cave all on my own.

I am questioning whether life is always going to be so miserable as a non smoker. Just feel joyless and listless. Need a good kick up the backside, I know. But deep down, I am also proud of my efforts and am taking every hour at a time. Also getting more things done and am breathing easier and feel slightly fitter. Trying to remain positive despite missing smoking a lot. If only it was good for our health and cheap. Life would be sweet!

Cheers, keep going!



Hey Rachel,

Sorry to read that you are back at day 5...haven't been on the forum that much 'cept for a couple of times. Didn't realise that you were back at the early days. But good on you for being at day 5...and I guess it's day 6 now ;)

As ever if you read in the links there could be more information available to help with the resolve issue...the understanding of what nicotine is doing to you...and how it's a false prop. But you also need to add in your determination...I know you have plenty of that.

A very good bit of advice is to support those behind you, same time as you, those in front. If they are struggling then think what it is that you have learned and would help them then post it. Even when you don't really want to...just do it and the repitition will stick in your mind. Eventually it will sink in and the struggle will get less.

Build a habit of doing that to augment your determined voice that says when a crave arises that you aren't gonna have a smoke...that you'll do something else instead and before you know it the crave has receded.

Part of it is constant repitition when we are at the early days.

Good to see you on the boards :cool:



I am questioning whether life is always going to be so miserable as a non smoker. Just feel joyless and listless. Need a good kick up the backside, I know.

Not gonna give you kick up the bum. Most of us think at first that life will be miserable as a non's what we did for everything...happy, sad, drunk, sober, in the house, starting work, finishing work....etc. It's just endless but it's an incidious addiction that will end. The very vast majority of long term quitters know like I know that life is infinitely's fantastic...without those stupid smokes. You will get there too...get past these difficult early times and it happier times will come for you. You will be absolutely incredulous how good those days can be.

But deep down, I am also proud of my efforts

That's excellent :cool: Hang on to that and add to it too :)

What I do is I tell a good few people around me every 10th of every month. It reminds me what an incredible thing I've done and....some of the folk I tell also echo that....they're getting a bit tired of it tbh....after all it's been 32 times they hear me. Light-weights :rolleyes:


Well done rachel, keep at it. Nice to see you back.:)


I understand where you are coming from. I am now on day 5 but have found myself very up and down 1 minutes i want to cry and the next i am on cloud 9. managed to go out saturday night just avoided all signs of any smokers it wasnt to hard till i was slightly tipsy then it wouldnt escape the mind. have decided that the hangover yesterday helped though cos didnt move off the sofa. When i gave up before (for 3 years) i thought i would never real right without a cigarette in my hand and back then you could still smoke in the pubs to so couldnt avoid it. But over time the thought just left my mind and i was happy again being a non smoker. Obviously it didnt stay like that cos now on day 5 (i couldnt stop craving after giving birth to my second child and i caved in) Keep at it you are doing so well


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