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8 months


Evening all!

I am officially quit 8 months now (barr a couple of blips) and it feels good. Wobbly (my body not my quit) but good. Someone asked me today how I am getting on with stopping smoking. My answer? Good cos I don't do it any more.

I dont crave at all any more. I have the odd moment where the thought of one is quite appealing but on the whole I feel like as long as I don't get complacent this is actually it. The quit that worked. If I am honest this is about my 8th quit. I tried loads between age 25 and 29. Then lived with a guy who smoked for 3 years so didn't bother to try then. Something was different this time. If I could put my finger on it to explain it then I would love to share it with everyone but I can't. I did have a great role model in a friend from work and this place. The people on here are fantastic and real life savers.

It so exciting to think that my 1 year isn't actually that far away.

Hope everyone is having a good day.


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Good Girl

Hi Debs,

Well done for 8 month quit, it's easy now isn't it. I am almost at 9 months quit and yes I have struggled during this period but I really feel that all my smoking days are behind me, so lets start running towards that Penthouse, and you go girl go.


Congratulations Deb, seems so long ago now that we quit, and the thought of going through it again should be enough to keep us on the straight and narrow! See you in the Penthouse!!

Lorraine :)

Great stuff Debs and Lozza - not long now and you will both be in that penthouse.

I think the difference is Debs is that you are now in the 'zone' difficult to explain what this zone is but I know what I mean and know what you mean :confused:

Keep up the good work ladies :)

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