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I'm quitting to climb a mountain

Hey Guys,

I'm new here, quit 3 days ago! I have decided not to tell my friends yet(I want to wait untill they notice) so felt I needed to share.

As a lover of the great outdoors, I hate feeling held back by my poor fitness. So after 5 years, enough is enough. My reason to quit is so I can attempt to get fit enough to climb Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador next summer, using the money I've saved for a good tour operator. I have started my exercise regime, which feels great! And at the moment I'm finding it really helpful to have such an exciting goal and a deadline. In the past i've really struggled with the "I'll quit tomorrow " mentality.

I really hope this will kickstart a more productive and healthy lifestyle. Going back to university will be the biggest challenge as almost all my friends smoke! I just hope the thought - "cigarette or mountain.." will get me through.

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I welcome you to the forum and hope that like many of us the site will help you to reach your goal.

I must admit that quitting smoking was like scaling a mountain for me and unlike your mountain I will probably spend the rest of my life climbing it, but so long as I never go back to base camp then I will be quite happy.

The mountain of your choice is a much more solid vision and if you keep it in your mind then years from now you will be able to look back and be proud that you did it and also you will be able to show the pictures to your family with pride.

Keep us posted and remember there will always be someone ready to give you the support that will get you to the top of your mountain no matter which one it is.


Can i come with you. I like the idea though i have many reasons for quitting but think maybe finding myself a goal will be a good idea might give me the incentive to keep going


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