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Blummin' heck :0(

.......... It's been that long since I was last on here that I forgot my BLUMMIN' password and had to request one :D;)

How is everyone?? Hope all you MMQ's and all you other fab quitters are doing well :D

I was talking to a friend of mine last week and I thought of this forum. She is in the process of stopping the dreaded weed and I was telling her how bloody supportive you all were to me.. and that this forum was a VITAL role in me staying quit in them first few weeks :o xxx love to you all

Anyway its been >>>> counts on fingers and toes >>>>>> erm.... 18 month on the 23rd of this Month for me!!! WOW, it sure does make you realise how time flies Eeek ....

Anyway, gonna go and have a look around.. see how everyone else is getting on ... Ta ra xxx

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Hi Slinky,

and Blummin' heck indeed! Massive congrats for the 18 month milestone in only 3 days now.

Keep those months ticking over nicely now.




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