No Smoking Day
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8 months since the new year!

8 months! Who’d have thought?! Me?! 8 months?!

I haven't been around for ages *slaps wrist* ... sorry all. I don't know where the time has gone!

For all of you behind me.

The view up here is fantastic. :D I can just about make out the penthouse in the distance on the horizon and it has made me even more determined to get there! I can honestly say that all of the cravings, moments of ‘why bother’, moments of feeling like I’m missing out on something, are totally worth going through. I remember my first day, first week, first month and can honestly say that I NEVER want to experience any of it again. My life has certainly changed for the better in the last 8 months but I will never forget how hard it was to get here. I appreciate what everyone is going through and wish you all the best of luck.

For those ahead of me

I’m coming! Save a seat for a little one and put the bubbly on ice! I hope it’s as good as it looks up there! (If it's not, just tell me that it is, I'm gullible) :p

For those of you with me

Is there any other new years resolution-ers left?

I am really looking forward to my smoke-free future. :D

Keep strong all

Jen x

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Excellent post Jen and a wonderful positive read.

You'll be a shoo -in to the penthouse.

Keep going as you know it's the best thing you've ever done.



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