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In need of advice


I made a HUGE mistake by taking a fag from a friend about a week ago, we smoked one that night and before I knew it the next day I had bought a pack. I have been smoking all week.

I had quit for 20 weeks and this week would have been my 21st...I don't even enjoy it! Its just purely an addiction which my body is telling me I need. Is it always going to be this easy to pickup the habit if I cave in just once?

I need to nip this in the bud, fast.

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When does a blip become a week long smoke and thus a smoke free quit ruined?

Nip the smoking in the bud .... now. What are you in need of advice over? :confused:

How you choose to carry on with your count is up to you. 20 weeks was bloody good ...... it's recoverable, it's your choice :)

No, it need not be so easy to always pick up a bad habit. It may always be a temptation ............. but time will help ease that one.

All the best :)

Hi Alexis,

I believe that you can nip this in the butt... and that you must do it ASAP! Of course the choice is yours - as was your choice to light up last week... maybe you aren't ready to quit forever yet.. maybe you just needed this one last blip to continue with your quit! It's totally recoverable and if you really want to stop again you can! We are all here to support you - you know how this forum works by now!

I think what happened to you by lighting that fag is what we all fear the most - that moment of weakness when we decide that for whatever reason it is OK for us to smoke...I have that fear as I have friends who have given up for one year and then started again and some for 12 years and started again - and you know how they started again - just by having that one puff - - and then just like you they bought a pack the next day. That is what scares me.. that one moment when we tell ourselves it's OK.

The one thing you need to decide now, is do I keep smoking, or do I keep quitting.... it's up to you Alexis!!! I hope you chose the latter as I know it will instill faith in people like me who hope to not have those blips and if I do, I will know I can stop again!

Hope this all makes sense... good luck to you and find that strength in you that you found once before!


IMO - you are only human! My blips have gone on and ruined my quits in the past so if I was you I would as you say 'nip this in the bud' and class it as a lesson learnt and a blip.

The choice is yours hun, you made the choice to smoke now you have made the choice not to smoke? No-one has forced you to smoke just as no-one has forced you not to smoke - it is your choice. (I know it's not as easy as that but that's a thought that helps me)

Peeps have many different triggers for smoking I would suggest you list these triggers so you know what yours are - oh and also inform your friends that you do not smoke anymore and not to give you fags!

As non or ex smokers (whatever we prefer to call ourselves) none of us can never say we will never have a blip as never is a long time and we are all only human. What it important is that we realise that it is a blip, remind ourselves of our reasons for quitting, brush ourselves off and start from where we left off.

Please do not let this blip ruin an excellent quit, you will kick yourself and feel like a bit of numpty if you do - trust me I did.

Good luck in making your choice :)

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