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No Smoking Day
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Fags vs Me, Max Kirsten, Allan Carr & the Gym

Day 4 and still not had a ciggie! Pretty good going for me, although I gave up for 2 weeks whilst on holiday in Florida in June but couldn't wait to get home and enjoy a fag :D - It just goes to show that we don't actually NEED the cigs, we just THINK we need them.

The Max Kirsten sessions are working quite well; I listen to the booster session every morning and it does seem to stop the cravings during the day. The Allen Carr audiobook is interesting and enjoyable but not essential - I don't think I could stop simply by listening to his theories that mainly consist of telling me that it's easy to stop smoking - "IT 'AINT EASY" as Mister Bowie sang all those years ago :D (is anyone on here old enough to remember that one?)

I listened to the Andrew Johnson session last night but think he is one too many people telling me not to smoke. I'm not knocking his method and I'm sure I'll give it a listen again when I finish the Allen Carr book, but for now I just need to give it a rest.

I also joined the local gym yesterday and spent 3/4 hour on the treadmill without wheezing; I've run (more like walked) three 10k races in Manchester and Dublin over the past couple of years but this year I've not done anything, so i'm hoping to start again next year and maybe run a half marathon or two - early days to be thinking about it but need something to aim for :eek:

Tip of the day: whenever I get the craving I take a deep breathe, hold it for 5 seconds and exhale - seems to do the trick.

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Glad things are going well for you.

I wanted to thank you for posting about Max Kirsten. I was procrastinating on Tuesday. I half-heartedly stopped for about 5 hours then baought 10 fags. I read your post and down loaded the app. I listened to it on Tuesday evening and have not smoked since. I have been listening to the booster sessions and combined with the tools I used at the beginning of the year, so far so good.


That's great news. I don't know why the Max Kirsten method works but it does, so I'm not complaining :D

I've lost count of the number of times I've stopped so I'm taking each day as it comes; I actually prefer not to tell people I have stopped smoking as I usually get the sarcastic reply "what, again?"

Anyway, i'm drinking plenty of orange juice and taking deep breaths every time I get the craving for a fag, which seems to be worse today for some reason :(


BTW What tools did you use before/now? I need all the help I can get :D


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