No Smoking Day
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she-ra princess of power!!

15 days and counting.... loving how much I dont cough up brown things first thing in the morning any more, also loving the fact that I have £110 in my first car fund, how exciting!! got some serious saving to do. every time I want a cigarette I think of how much better life is without the smell, without the expense and without the wheezing and coughing.

today was hard though, I drank a glass of wine and I literally reached out for a cigarette, first time that has happened and it surprised me. still got a long way to go, I mustnt be careless in these early days.

lucy x:p:

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16 days today!! managed to get through a tough therapy session and then a trip to the supermarket without purchasing or smoking any cigarettes, whilst I was waiting for the taxi to take me home there was a guy smoking on a superking fag and I could smell it (and see it) at first I was slightly attracted to the smell and considered asking him for a puff, but very quickly the smell became horrible and the thought of smoking was most unattractive. I hope that feeling lasts! also whist I was watching him (only briefly, didnt want to stare!) chuffing away like a train, the column of ash getting longer and more fragile, I thought HOW ABSURD!!! how utterly absurd that adult humans put a tube of leaves in their mouths and set fire to them. how in gods name did we discover that?!?


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