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Tips for the first few days

Hi all

I'm now on day 2 and thought I'd share a few tips for anyone else in the early stages of quitting.

Firstly, its taken a long time to get my mind in the right state for a serious quit. Its really important to focus on why you are quitting. I've tried to quit many times, but this time has to be the one.

Now at the end of day 2, I've found it difficult, but am proud to have got this far!!

So, a few tips that could help......

1. Every time you feel the thought of having a cig enter your mind, immediately tell yourself 'no' and think of the reasons why you've stopped.

2. Drinking healthy drinks has really helped. I've treated myself to 'detox' and 'booster' smoothies and fruit juices! They taste better and feel like they're doing some good in regaining a healthy body.

3. Do something you really like doing. For me its walking in the countryside. Then think to yourself would you be doing this in 10-30 years time if you'd continued to smoke. The answer would be most likely no due to ill health or death!

4. Learn to enjoy the each time you don't give in, your will power is strengthened!

5. Definately keep busy........

6. Treat yourself to something each day.

7. Why not try a 'pulse point' roll on? I use a lavender one when the craves get really bad......deep breaths and a much nicer smell than cigs!

Hope that may have helped someone a bit :)

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Well Done !

Well done and congratulations on the second day with cigarettes.

In fact, at this point of time, the nicotine remains has probably subside in your body. and your body should start to repair itself. =)

I totally agree that healthy drinks is important.. its one of the tricks i use when I started to quit smoking 3 years ago. In fact, I recommend clear water hee

Oh, one extra tip to help you strengthen yr reasons and control yr urge... if you haven't done so.. the reasons of which you are quitting smoking for... write them down.. print and place them in places where you used to smoke.

ie yr balcony etc.. be it pictorial or sentences.. it motivates you even more and strengthens yr will further every time you by-pass them =)

Good luck ! and I know you will make it this time !




Brilliant reasons and good outlook you have there :)


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