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No Smoking Day
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Day 22

Hi all, hope you're all doing ok.

I made it to day 22 yesterday. The thing is I'm so angry about everything and arguing over the most ridiculous issues. I'm putting on weight (so far half a stone in 3 weeks) and I've had issues with weight all my life and I just feel so crap about myself. Its like I've given up one thing and now I'm paying big time for it. I'm also suffering from lack of sleep - I've been up since 5am and didn't get to sleep until around 1am. My marriage is suffering badly. I'm driving my husband completely mad and he can't take much more of me (I know I'm being a cow!). He's been so supportive and continues to be but there is only so much a person can take I suppose.

Yesterday was terrible, the cravings these last few days have been the worst and I don't understand why. I bought Allen Carr's book yesterday aimed at women and weight issues and I'm still getting out walking and jogging. Don't know what else to do.

I don't want to smoke and I feel pretty strong in that. But why all this when I'm basically succeeding in something I've wanted to do for ages? It doesn't make sense any more and I'm very sad about the whole thing.

Sorry for such a negative post!

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Hi, its not negative. In fact, its quite usual to see this kind of post in the three week thread! Check out this link The terrible threes, you may find that part of it is that. Try and stay positive. It can be easy to blame everything on the quitting and then find yourself in a horrible rut of feeling and being rubbish. You have done a terrific thing. The weight calms down and anyway, being a tad heavier is much healthier than risking cancer every day by smoking.

As I said, its a normal time for such a negative response but push on through, the outcome at the end is worth it and each time you beat this, you become stronger

fi x


Hi Siana,

I remember quite well those feelings you describe, before you lose heart about the anger issue, please read this link from the whyquit website - ffn.yuku.com/topic/12462 - I can quite honestly say this particular information eased a lot of my worries with my anger and stress levels!

The weight gain is also very normal and although can add to our worries as it has me, it can be sorted with moderate exercise and sensible eating - although whilst in the grips of trying to sort an addiction, exercise and eating well isn't always top of the list of priorities - another reason why getting our heads in the right place first is the most important thing I think!

Lack of sleep I'm afraid is a nasty one and I have gone from a 7-8 hours a night to 4-5 sometimes, again there are probably valid reasons such as excess caffeine, stress etc, but think this will all come right in the end!

Your husband will survive I'm sure! I dont have too much to say about Allen Carr, his books are very good for information although bottom line is only WE can deal with quitting smoking and weight gain, theres no easy way afraid!

I can say that every days gets easier it is very true, I would hate to see your feelings of sadness escalate...........as I let them............and this can be a vicious cirle of emotions - my best advice is to try (although hard) to keep a positive mind and exercise...........and treat yourself regularly!!

Quitting smoking is the best thing we can do for ourselves however hard it is, it is great to be free from it all!

Keep going and good luck XXX


Thanks you both. I had to laugh though Fiona, when I clicked on your link The Proclaimers appear on Youtube!!

Knowing everything I'm struggling with is fairly normal does help so thanks for reminding me.

I'm off now to read your link Shelly and I've really been concentrating on staying positive and in control today so actually not a bad day at all.



Ha! Thank god it was only that! Sunshine on leith could be enough to send some back on the fags! Check out my link below and terrible 3 is on that page!


Brilliant Fi, only you could do that.

What an excellent way to take someones mind of the smoked:cool:

All the best to you Siana with the next few and your feeling/mood lifting :)

Keep talking to your husband and explaining what your feeling. It'll help you both. I nearly murdered mine, and my son.

Happy to say they are both alive and well though.

Better times are ahead :)


Just popped back to say that I had a lovely calm day today having been out in the countryside walking and picnicing with my family.

Thanks for the links - I have read the articles on anger which was very interesting and especially so for my husband!!!

Here's to a more positive fourth week.



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