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Have not been here for a while!

I don't know if any of you remember me but the last time i posted here i think i was on week 2 of ct! It has now been 10 weeks and 2 days since my last cigarette (quit 16th june) I barely ever get urges anymore and have happily and successfully adapted to a smoke free life! I feel great physically and mentally :) i did have 2 colds during my first 8 weeks and an ear infection but was told by the doctor thats normal so its all good lol! I am going on another holiday 9th september to magaluf with my cousin :D kind of a last minute random thing (she split with her bf and needed a quick replacement) if i hadn't quit smoking when i had there would be no way i could afford 2 go on this holiday so that makes me feel great! Only thing is though my skin is getting kind of rough and unhealthy looking atm and a little spotty and i know this is normal for someone who has recently quit smoking but i was wondering if anyone had any advice on this thanks :) oh and would love to hear how others are getting on :)

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Have no advice on the skin thing, but just wanted to say well done on the quit! Hope you have a top holiday!!


Hi Vaughnie,

Just wanted to say congratulations! You and I are around the same quit time - I quit on the 28th June - so, just behind you!

I am also having the same problem with my skin - I was thinking it might be because of the extra sugar I've been consuming - but, it's nice to know that it is normal after quitting smoking. I have decided to just let time sort it out, and not worry to much about my skin for now. Sorry I don't have any new advice for you on that topic!

It's nice to hear that you are feeling so positive about your quit. I am also feeling the same way. Although, I still have my down days - but, I think that's just life.. and not the quitting smoking!

Have fun on your holiday !!!!

All the best,



Hi and well done to you for going ct and doing so well. Regarding your skin i would advise drinking about 8 glasses of water every day without fail to flush out all the toxins and metabolic waste, take supplements rich in antioxidants such as spirulina or Acai berry from the health food shop. I swear by it !

Have a good spot free smoke free holiday :D


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