1 Month and 1 Day

I really can't quite believe i have actually made it this far. Have had some really rough days when i have just sat down and cryed (for no apparent reason) but pleased to say mostly good days when i am over the moon at being a non smoker. Soooooo look forward to my next post saying can't quite believe i have done 2 months. Watch this space. Good luck to the rest of you quitters out there, look forward to reading your posts. They really keep me going. So thanks for that. xxx :) :) :)

3 Replies

  • Well done Joy!!! Thats brilliant!!

    I am on day 16 and cant wait to get to the 1 month!!!

  • Thanks Clare

    Look forward to seeing your post saying 1 month and no smokes. You are doing great keep going.

    Best wishes Joy xx

  • Hi Joy

    Sorry almost missed this one too - must start wearing my glasses :o

    Well done you - a month is a great milestone and you should be feeling incredibly proud of yourself :)

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