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I am lost

Could I please have some advice. Got some good news yesterday went out with my sister and had a few drinks and caved. Yes, had a few fags. I haven't had any today and I am definatley not going to start again. I now that I seriously have to watch my drinking in order to quit fully. I just feel so stupid for getting complacent.

I know I should go to day 1 and that in theory I am back to sqare one. Any advice would be appreciated.


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You can do it.

Hi Becky

first i just want to say well done for not having smoked today. It doesn't matter that you are back to day one you have the rest of your long life to not smoke.

I think you have already given yourself good advice and just have to be on your guard next time you go out for a drink. You can do it. Just keep giving up. Good luck. x


Hi Becky

Don't worry. The same thing happened to me last Thursday. Its just a blip. I didn't go back to day one in my mind. Would have been too depressing! Just put it down to experience and carry on with your quit.

I found the day after I had caved really hard. I kept debating if was really worth it but with the help of this forum I got through the day and now I am another week down the line and so pleased I kept going.

I know what you mean about drinking. Think I'm just going to have to avoid it for a little while.

Your doing so well, don't be too hard on yourself:)


Hi Becky

You have to do what feels right for you, it's your conscious :)

Are counting smoke free days important to you? If so, then a clean start and a new run of smokefree days may be best.

What constitutes a blip? A drag, half a cig, 5 cigs?

Many different answers will be supplied by folk on that one.

The main thing is you know what causes you to cave and learn and move on, in which ever way suits you.

All the best



I know its just a blip.

Thank you guys for the advice it has really cheered me up.

Tray, I totally agree with you. It is too depressing to go back to day one. I am going to carry on and give myself the benefit of the doubt. If this happens again then I will to return to the start. My friends and family are cool with it and are still really proud of me so I am going to continue doing what I am doing (apart from being over confident in terms of partying at this stage). At a wedding tomorrow night and have already arranged to drive. lol. No more slip ups. Just wondering if this is a common thing?

Thanks again for keeping me strong!



Very common! And i'm amazed and proud of those who can blip and carry on. I know i'd blip then go out and stuff my pockets with a gazillion smokes and put myself back on 20 a day without a backward glance. I have to use the NOPE rule. Not one puff ever rule. I'm a rubbish blipper!

Putting contingency plans in place like offering to drive, or staying off the booze anyway work very well for me. I will not drink in a situation until I know I feel comfortable enough to not be tempted. Then I get trashed!!

Well done, keep on as you are and don't beat yourself up about it. :)


NOPE is definatly the best rule, otherwise you just make things more difficult for yourself

But if you do make a mistake, the important thing is that you keep going and learn from your experience, you can do it :) In a years time as a non smoker, will this really matter?;) I don't think so


Just worked out what NOPE stands for and I am going to stand by that principle. In all honesty this quit means too much for me to start again. I sincerely think it will knock my confidence too much to go back. With the alcohol inside me my self discipline was non-existent, rational thought was out of the window and I suddenly had a very short memory of all the benefits I had experienced since quitting.

So day 21 it is.

On a brighter note, went to the dentist today, had a scale and polish so feel very fresh and clean. My dentist asked if I was still smoking and I said that I had given up for 3 weeks and she said she thought so by the look of my tongue? What the hell is that all about?



Different people handle drinking and quitting in different ways, I found not drinking for 3 to 6 months made my quit much easier, I also know almost everyone that drinks to the point that they get really buzzed tends to break down and have one. Tomorrow will be the first birthday of mine Ive done without smoking. The day after will be my first year without smoking. I kinda count my birthday as my quit date even though I smoked through it. I'm very proud to say I have had no blips and attribute that to not drinking during my quit. Goodluck and remember a couple of months not drinking isnt that big of a deal if it keeps ya quit.:)


Tray you don’t want to smoke else you would not be on here now feeling so bad at the fact that you did smoke, hang in there and you will not smoke again will you as now you can relate to how bad you feel for taking a minor slip.

Next time you feel the urge to smoke walk, drinking is a trigger for so many people and loads give it up till they feel stronger including me, take one day at a time and don’t beat yourself up we are none of us perfect.


Feel better and got a copy of Allen Carr too.

Just want to begin by also thanking Thomas and Jamangie. Hope you have a great birthday (Thomas)and I hope to be in your position of not smoking for a year. That must be an amazing feeling.

Not thought about having one today until after tea, which is why I am on here.

Also got hold of a copy of Easyway, Allen Carr and finding it very interesting. I think it has kicked in fully that I am an addict and that I have to take it one day at a time and condition myself to avoid old triggers. All this is making me even more determined............... feeling like crap........... feeling like the little nicodemon is laughing at me...............I will not fall into that trap again.

Rant over, I am going for a jaffa cake (low in cals). xxx


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