No Smoking Day
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wooohooooo! week twoooooooo!

day number 8, starting week number 2, Its a miracle. i think early in the morning and later like in the evening and in the night is when I most want to smoke. but doing it. managing to not smoke and feeling ok about it, better than ok, not coughing every time I lay down or wheezing, though I know I have a cough to come yet as my chest clears out all the crap that I put in it. and havent given myself a single headache by chain smoking too many fags in one go! hurrahh!! and yesterday I put £60 into my car fund :eek: which is marginally more than I would have spent on ciggies, but not by much. just keep reminding myself of the goals. to be fitter healthier, to buy my first car, to not reek of old fags. :cool::D;)

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woo hoo indeed!

Well done you.

Just a quick one - i was waiting for the cough - it never happened!! :D



no cough?? I will hold on to that hope!! no cough would be awesome :D

Am eating slightly more than usual (which is already a lot) but trying to deal with that at the same time might not work, so will concentrate on getting my lungs straight then Ill be able to spend some time sorting out the rest of my body.

On an aside, am finding that I am getting really emotional a lot this last few days, keep crying at the smallest thing. it that the fag withdrawals? :confused:


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