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Hello from Oz

Hi everyone

I came on here 2 years ago and here I am again on my 3rd

Attempt of quitting. :mad:

Both previous attempts I used Allen Carr's book and gave up for a year each time. I always start again when something stressful happens like I broke up with my fiancee and then was made redundant and started smoking both times!!!!

So, here I am again on my third attempt and yesterday went to Allen Carr's clinic here in Perth, Australia. I actually think it wasn't as good as the book and was ten times the price but was a good reminder of everything I knew from my previous experience of the books. Anyway, I have now gone 24 hours without a fag but not feeling excited like I have done in the past with giving up, just feeling depressed and tired and eating way too much of course.

Time seems to be going so slow as well and I can't concentrate at work. I know they drum into you that Allen Carr is easy but I'm definitely not finding it easy at fact this seems like my most difficult attempt.

Feeling very down in the dumps and thought I'd just have a moan! IT's also raining here so no Australian sunshine to cheer me up!!!!

Take care


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I tried Allen Carrs book and quit for 8 odd months once. I found it very good to get me started, but it didnt help with helping me to remember why i'd quit once i'd be done a long time. I've found that this forum does it for me. I still log on, 18 months down the line and post an occasional post to quitters. It helps reinforce me and my resolve and I never lose site of why I quit in the first place. We know that stress is a good excuse to go back to smoking, but, maybe if you reach for the computer keyboard rather than reaching for the smokes you could keep this quit.

Don't be down in the dumps, you are doing a truly great thing and hey, at least your not sitting in our grubby constant rain we are having here at the moment!



"maybe if you reach for the computer keyboard rather than reaching for the smokes you could keep this quit."

thanks for the tip, just done that now.


Good for you! It works for me though sometimes when I reach for the computer and accidently click on to a shopping website instead of here, it costs me more than a packet of smokes or two!


Hi Lighters,

how are you doing today?

I am on day 14 of my 1st quit using Allen Carr.

This is the perfect place to moan/rant/celebrate about how you feel during your quit, so feel free.


Hi Everyone

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. You are right and I'm finding this board fantastic for keeping me focused. I know I will get through this and my Dad who had a heart attack last year after years of smoking said he was so proud of me last night for quitting. That helped a lot.

Well, Day 3 has been slightly better although I'm weirdly developing a smokers cough. Perhaps it's all the rubbish coming out of my system. The pangs are as horrible as I remember from previous attempts and my concentration is all over the place.

I'm feeling the pain and I like that as that means that I'm not feeding that monster.

Looking forward to posting on Day 3 now!




Hi Lighters,

well done on your day 3!!

Yep, that horrible monster wants yo to have that nicotine, but you are stronger than him!

Good luck!


Good luck with your quit :)


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