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Qutting as a couple


Has anyone got experience of quitting with their partner? My husband and I are now in our third week. Its been pretty tough with us both being so irratable but we were getting through it

Now i caved in on Thurday and had one cig, then my husband bought a packet and smoked 4 at work. He is now saying that he will probably smoke next weekend and will be a casual smoker. I know that this is not possible but he wont listen. What do I do? I can't make him carry on with the quit but I did love the fact that we were doing it together. Its too hard to stop when you know that there are always fags in the house.

Any ideas on how I can encourage him to carry on?

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Hi Tray,

as an addict yourself, you probably know that you cant encourage anyone who in the midst of addiction. They will make all sorts of excuses and reasons for smoking.

YOU are only responsible for YOUR quit. You cannot make someone see the light.

Yes, you can tell them all the things they already know (how it effects their health, finances etc)..but ultimately they have to do it themselves.

Sorry if thats too harsh.


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