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Good day at last

Hi all

Day 24 and been pretty good day. After having a couple of rough days where i felt really down woke this morning and was getting ready for work and actually loved the fact that i didn't smoke any more. Lovely evening with my brother who gave up smoking 7 years ago and gave me great encouragment (and he paid for the chinese) love him. Anyone who is having a bad day just ride the storm and hopefully have a good day tomorrow. Anyone having a good day like me, here to many more. xxx :D

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Hi Joy

Bloomin' well done on your 24 days - good little quit you've got there.

Really pleased to hear that things are turning round for you - you're sounding positive now and it's lovely to hear :D


Thanks Pookie

Hope you have had a good day too.



You're welcome Joy :)

My day's been good thanks - finally feel like I'm beating this smoking thing and actually believe I will never smoke again :D went to meet my new nephew yesterday and was so pleased that I wasn't worrying about stinking of fags when I held him :o This is a long old road we've got to travel but trust me it is so worth it :)


Hi Joy and Pookie,

I haven't been on for a bit but the last time I looked both of you were having a bit of a hard time! Very glad to see you are both sounding really positive now and hope you both continue with lots of good days.

Joy, I haven't done the going to work thing yet as I've been off since I quit, but I know what you mean - I'm looking forward to getting out of the door without having to get my quota of nicotine first.

Have a great weekend.



Hi Siana

Yep feel like I've come out of a very dark tunnel :( must be off putting for anyone starting their quit but sometimes but 'forewarned is forearmed' you will get bad days but getting through them makes you stronger - I'm fast approaching 5 months and can't quite believe it so stay strong peeps :D

How are you doing and is it still all ok with the champix??


Hi again,

Yes, still on the champix but struggling a bit. Lack of sleep (I thought that was champix but I think it's a side affect whatever method you choose) and stomach problems! Have been missing the odd evening tablet but will see the doctor soon about possibly reducing the dose.

You are absolutely right - we all need to know the pitfalls and be aware that things can get hard months after your quit date but you have done fantastically - I really hope I can make it as far as 5 months but trying not to think too far ahead!


Nothing like a good laugh

Hi again

Pleased to say have had another couple of good days. Spent night at sister in laws last night just catching up, watching X factor.... so funny, and had a couple of Magners. Nice to have a couple of drinks and a good giggle without thinking about smoking. I know its not going to be like that every day but will try to remember the good days when i,m having a bad. Off out now for Sunday lunch and a walk after with the dog to work off the lemon tart that i am defo going to have. I guess its going to be another good day :D

Hope you are all having a good day too. Best wishes and speak soon. xxx


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