No Smoking Day
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good enough reason

my reason for badly needing this to be my sticky quit.

i am nearly 60 yrs old,been smoking for 48 yrs of these.

for the grace of god,my lungs dont seem to have been effected(yet)

but my ankles are not so lucky,i have black briuses all around them,due to bad circulation,due to smoking.

fear,fear of losing my legs is what brings me here.

i need to stop this addiction NOW.

ollie xx

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Dear Ollie,

You're doing well coming on here, I've slipped from my quit but still log on here and gain inspiration from all the success stories and support on here, I'm prepping for hopefully the last quit at the moment and hoping to hop back on the wagon in the next couple of days. Stick here and post often, read all the links in peoples signatures and be strong, so many people here have proved it can be done........:)

Are you going cold turkey or NRT etc?



hi jane,

thanks for your reply.

i am going cold turkey,its all about being in the right state of mind.

look forward to you coming back on board.

dont wait until your health suffers.

doey x


Hi Girls

Just wanted to wish you both well on your up and coming quits. it can be done Im 53 smoked for 35 years and will be 21 months smoke free tomorrow. If I can do it anyone can just take baby steps a little at a time forget about tomorrow or next week. Just keep it in the now. will keep looking in see how your doing.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi doey & jane

I too wish you well & send you lots of luck for you quit days :) keep posting ...nice to meet you both :)


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