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3 weeks in

Hi all

Should be celebrating my 3 weeks without the cigs but for some reason feeling really low tonight. Went to dentist today and had all the staining scrapped from my teeth, so nice white teeth now to go with nice fresh breath. Still i feel like crap tonight. Why? Shouldn't i now be feeling really good about life, maybe a good nights sleep and things will look better in the morning. I dont have the feeling that i need a ciggerette just that i want to not to have to think about giving up. I probably just need a kick in the pants and for someone to tell me to get a grip. Hope the rest of you quitters are having a better day than me. Boo Hoo xx :(

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The number one rule - don't feel bad about quitting. Don't mope around. Nicotine will rule your body and your mind IF you let it. Don't be beaten by addiction.

So yes, get a grip on yourself. ;)

You are doing great! :)


I agree with tao, its not good to mope about wishing you could smoke when you are doing so well at quitting, although I think it is important to recognise that letting go of a habit as entrenched as smoking can cause you to enter into a slight grieeving process, after all this hass been your reliable friend for many years now you are telling it to shove off. Expect some mopey feelings to try to move in on you, but be prepared for them, you dont have control over the feelings as they first appear but you do have control over how your respond to them... if a mopey feeling sneaks in then do something nice for yourself instead, remind yourself of what you are gaining from putting yourself through this. I gave up alcohol a number of years ago and even though I am early days on quitting fags, I think its much the same process.

all the best!



Check out this link. The terrible threes It may or may not be what you are suffering, but many quitters get the terrible threes, three days, three weeks, three months. I did and the feeling is rubbish. It does get better though. And once you've ridden through it, you will feel great about yourself.

Good luck!



You all help me. Thanks.

Just reading all your links really helps me get to grips with these bloody awful feeling i have been having,

I promise to have a good night sleep and wake up with a different attitude tommorrow and to stop belly aching. :p

Thanks again, and hope your all feeling well. Speak soon. x


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