Feeling The Pressure

Grrr.... I am hoping this monster addiction loses it's grip sometime soon. It's amazing, just when I start thinking wow, this is easier than I thought, the urges come and when they come, they sure know what buttons to push to get their fix.

I haven't given in.... so far. I am finding my determination starting to fade though... Having thoughts that right now really isn't the best time (even though I can't think of any reason that it isn't the right time!).. I am looking for something but dam, I can't seem to find anything that is reason enough to do it.

I am finding myself envisioning myself going to the store in my buidling, getting a pack and just smoking the whole bloody thing in a matter of an hour. Yeah, that'd make me feel really good. Really good indeed. I just read a post by Sylvie that helped. She said that she found the fourth week to be the hardest. I was relieved to read that because I was really starting to question myself... "will this ever get better?, will I ever get my motivation back?" The thoughts seem to be there more now then they have been in a while, the urges aren't as often, but ((((****seem****)))) to be stronger.

Help me with some movation, please!

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  • PS, I am going on day 18 tomorow...

    PS, I am going on day 18 tomorow...

  • Hey myvest.....smoking wont make you feel better at all....i know exactly wot ur thinking though, its like a mind game. stick with it mate, i promise you it gets better ........each day you will get stronger ..just think its only a thought nothing else..it passes away & nothing bad is gonna happen to you.......You can beat this & you should feel very good about it too ....keep posting on here it will help you .... in another few days you will feel different again :)

  • wotever you do dont smoke...its a good part of your quit over with now...dont spoil it :)

  • Hola Myvest,

    Please don't give in, its the nicodemon playing with your head, you'll feel better soon, good luck and keep reading posts to keep you positive!:)

  • For what it's worth... day 18 was the last really bad day of my quit. Most days after that were a lot better. I've had a few ups and downs since then but the ups are more common now than the downs.

    Hang in there, don't slip up, the worst is behind you already!

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