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No Smoking Day
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So this could be attempt number 30!

Hello all!

For some reason I am doing it all wrong! I have been trying since may this year to quit and I keep going back to it on day 10 because I can't handle the withdrawal even using NRT. This time though I feel positive. I have given myself a 2 week break of smoking more and now ready to get down into this quitting thing. I am going to be using 24hr patches and nasal spray!

Now that I have found this forum I feel more postive and inspired to do this! So wish me luck.... Just have to make it to the end of day 1! :o

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Hi Synergy

Good luck with your quit. I think the fact that you're in a postive frame of mind will help - you've prepared yourself and are now ready to stop. Took me a long time to get to that point :)

Keep posting and let us know how you're doing.


Good luck

This forum helped loads. I wouldn't still be a non-smoker 6 months down the line if it wasn't for the people on here......

You sound determined.

Keep reading and posting on here, you will always get help



I found the only way it really happens for me is reading Allen Carr 'EASYWAY'.

I have read it five times, 'genius!'

No withdrawl!!!

I use to struggle past day 3...on day 16 now and feeling great!

good luck


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