No Smoking Day
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day 4 and SO MUCH BETTER

The first 3 days were quite a struggle. Today, I only tried to convince myself twice to find reasons to start back. Truth be told, I don't want to.

Tonight, I practiced some of my old music on the piano (singing as well of course), and my upper range in the course of 4 days has stretched and become stronger.

I really hope that my body is avoiding the "sore throat" phase many seem to go through...

Anyway, today I'm happy I have quit smoking.

I hope it gets better and better from here!


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Well done Rocky, it will get easier from here, promise! Great incentive to quit and playing piano a great distraction when you fancy a smoke!

Your singing sounds great too, unless you wanna sound like rod stewart or axl rose, I lost my singing croak when I quit........sound like an angel now lol XX

Best of luck and when you hit the big time remember it was Shelly who helped you get there!! :D


Hi Rocky, I shouldnt worry to much about sore throats as I dont think every one gets them, I know I didnt and if you do, get some Strepsels not sure I can say that but they do help I know.

You have decided to quit and look as if you are being strong, the singing will also improve and just remember you need plenty of fluids as in water and juice.

You have picked a great forum to help you stay quit always plenty of good advice and friends to help you stay strong.


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