No Smoking Day
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Day 2 no patches day 9ish no cigs!

Must start off by appologising for being such a wimp yesterday, I have managed to scrape myself back together and am back on track today.

The hormones and glass of wine didn't help, oh well cool as a cucumber today. Thanks to everyone who lisntened and replied to my moans, won't be happening again unless I crack.

I have started using the inhailator today, didn't want to go back on patches, but just needed that little bit of something. Don't taste too good but is doing the trick. Just hope one day I can be happy and chilled without that little bit of nicotine, but I guess I must learn to walk before I can run.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

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hello you:)

you are doing just fine -and do not call yourself a wimp. no no:eek:

it helps us all to read uplifting posts . and it helps to read something honest -and heave a sigh of relief to know we are not alone.

it sure does me . and I drag oh over and force him to read . see it isnt just me :eek: xx

you are so going to do this Jellie.

and I find the inhalator a godsend. no cartridges left and I look like popeye .

but hey ho -it is so not a fag .

glad today has been better xxxx


Hi Jellie

Glad today has been better and don't ever apologise for having a bad day ;) Onwards and upwards - you can do this :)


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