almost 7 months without a cig

Hi all,

I'm almost approaching my 7 months of smoke free life. This forum had helped me a lot to give up smoking. I felt like smoking a cigarette now and then in this 7 months time. Whenever i felt like smoking a cig, I used to read the posts of the people on DAY1, and month1. After that I did'nr feel like smoking. Now i'm still enjoying a smoke free 7 months.


Quit date: 05/01/2010

How: CT-



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  • Wow! Fabby news.

    Well done on getting to seven months smoke free and long may it continue :)

  • Thanks dude,

    I had 3 beers after almost 7 months this weekend and did'nt feel like smoking. I think my brain's chemistry has changed. LOLZ

    Quit date: 05/01/2010

    How: CT-

  • 7 Months tommoz is brilliant, you will be entering the Penthouse about the same time as me so we will have a joint celebration, that’s if we are not too hung over from the new year.

    I hope you are feeling great and that the thought of smoking is so rare that you forget you ever smoked.

    Take care of your quit but also be vigilant as the nicco demon can still creep up on you even after this length of time.

  • Thanks for the inspiration and also congrats to you too. True that we surely have a joint celebration. I hope you are also doing great without smokes. Yeah, Man I surely need to be careful as this is my first time that I quit for so long (no ideas to start again). Still we never know when we go back to square 1, as I have seen some guys posts here who started after 3 years of quit :eek: But lets be strong and never think of smoking again :)

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