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Well now i'm a little disappointed. I've been feeling good for a while now, been reading the forum and offering some support to others (the forum was good to me, only fair i return the favour). However, now i am suffering from some pretty intense cravings - this nicodemon does not want to let me go. What a cruel addiction.

I'll get through it though, just like to vent sometimes and ease some pressure.

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Hi James,

So sorry you are feeling like that, your posts are usually so jolly, the trick is, and I am slowly learning, that this thing can creep up on us at any time, and you must be prepared, thought I'd got through the worst of it, was very much a case of a good day being followed by an awful one.......then the awful ones taper off!

I had some particularly intense cravings yesterday, just out of nowhere, threw me into a panic, I thought about it today and realised I had been passive smoking all day and I think it woke up the nicomonster :(

I think you will be just fine James, you have a great mindset!

Stay strong :D


Hi James

Hope that little vent and post helped ease the pressure somewhat :)

Its month two for you so no real surprise some craves have come along, strong and unexpectedly.

Maybe its the being back at work again following your recent time with the family. Old associations along with environmental changes all have some bearing, and for quite a while too.

During the latter part of month 2 and month 3 were the times I felt almost a continuous battle with the craves and wants. Then days would go by and all was fine and calm then suddenly, wham!! Hopefully your feeling calmer and back in control now?

Best wishes



Hi James,

I am sorry that you are having a hard time. I know it's been a couple days now since your post, so I hope you have started to feel better? :o

I will be thinking of you and sending you lots of positive thoughts.

Keep going James.



Thanks for the kind words. I'm feeling OK now, not brilliant, but OK. The craves are not so bad at the moment but i still get an empty feeling like i'm missing something. To tell you the truth i cope better with alcohol - but i'm at work now and alcohol is not allowed! The emptiness passes if i keep busy so no big deal.

On a positive note i am really feeling the health benefits from being a non smoker. We have a lot of stairs on my ship which in the past, really tired me out... but not anymore! No more gasping for air and when i do need to take a deep breath i can do so without wheezing. A world of difference! I've put on some weight though, as most people do. So i suppose now i got to start taking care of that. I'm in no rush though, just enjoying being a non smoker!



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