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Hi, just wanted to post that I am going away later today. A week in the Peak district then back for a week and a half and then 2 weeks in Spain. I went away in Feb and managed my first smokefree hols, quite happy about the Peaks hols, quite worried about Spain! Assocations of hot holidays and Barcardi and Coke and smoking!!

Wish me luck and of course I will be here as and when I can.

Enjoy a smokefree life - it lasts a lot longer.

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Have a good trip, Bev! No blips, okay!! xx


Enjoy your holiday. Have fun and think about the forum when you get a nostalgic thought. I imagined sending a post and all the replies I would get, worked a treat for me last year.




Have a fantastic holiday - you may be away on your 11 Month Milestone. So massive congratulations from me!

And I'm with you on the Bacardi & Coke and smoking!!


Have a fab time Bev, just remember each drink you don't have a smoke with makes each future drink easier to not have a smoke with.

Be prepared to toss the drink if the nocdemon starts crawling around!

Was in the peaks recently too, this coming weekend it's the lakes, eventually anyway!



Thanks guys, back from Peaks and no blips or slips!! Had a great time with kids and dog and of course OH. Did Chatsworth and Alton Towers and many other things as well, long lazy pub lunches and longer lazier pub dinners.

Only around for just over a week before we are off again, to warmer climes thank goodness.

The major benefit of not smoking on this holiday was the fact that I could keep up with the rest of the family on the long walks and up hill treks, did not get out of breath, did not sit on a wall smoking just waiting for them to come back from wherever they had gone exploring.

Had our Wedding Anniversary (15years) whilst we were away and went out for a fab meal and didn't have to leave him at the end so I could rush outside for my nicotine hit.


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