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Day 7 ...a whole week without!


Today is day 7 for me. Sitting here patting me on the back. Off for lunch as a reward with a girl friend today.

Had a bit of insomnia last night so a bit tired today. I just couldn't stop thinking that i have so far pulled it off, so the message is to believe in yourself and it is amazing what you can achieve.:)

Keep up the hard work everyone.

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Hi Purplegirl

Huge big well done to you - if I could reach I'd pat you on the back too :D

Enjoy your reward lunch as you so deserve it - a week is great and hope the insomnia improves soon.

Hi Purple, and you deserve a pat on the back from all of us, well done. Lunch sounds great, rewarding yourself will really help reinforce your quit. Stay strong and remember to read loads and post often.


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