Lalalalala Day 3

Morning all,

Well managed the first 2 days & now into day 3 :D

Most of yesterday was felt feeling spaced out & brainless but it did get better as the day went on.

No grrrrrrrrrrrr this morning when I got up or temptation to blag/steel a fag from OH which is good.

Did not want to do anything yesterday so have to force myself to get up & get moving today. I go through this with the depression so it is all to familiar to me unfortunately. We're gonna pop out after lunch so some fresh air & change of scenery will be good ;)

Hope everyone is feelin good & strong today.

G xxx

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  • well done gaynor

    day 3 & your feeling betters ..told you the singing would do the trick:D

    sounds like your determined this time my mate..........Willpowers top with no thought of nicking OHs fags. So good ure doing & Im sooooooo happpy for you.:)

  • Day 3 .... well done G ... nice and strong and determined that thought processs will get you through this .... onwards and upwards G :)

  • Thanks KK, you hadn't read my VM re the singing then LOL. Am always determined when I start a quit its further into it I have probs. With each quit I learn new ways to get over the hard times but end up back at square one again. This time I have to keep going, come what may :rolleyes:

    LOL Bradders, yes onwards & upwards it is :D

    G xxx

  • well done G, hope you feel happier soon

  • You know your going in the right direction, so just keep going.

    well done on day 3.

  • Well done your doing amazingly well. Stay proud - you should be. :)

  • Hi G

    Well done you - be day 4 before you know it :)

    Hope the fresh air and change of scenery has helped!

  • Thanks Shojam, Bev, FA & Pookie,

    Have managed to get through the day :D

    No airhead feelings today I am glad to say. Did have a moment when we where out though. I was too hot, back ached, could feel that rise inside you that makes you go arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Saw a young lad smoking & wanted to scream stop it. Not becuase i was bothered about him doing but because I WANTED ONE :eek:

    Anyway, got home k******d & fell asleep before dinner so all is fine. Next time I go out will take a bottle of water with me to wash the feelings away :p

    Will fill up on water tonight then wake to day 3 tomorrow :D

    Edit: Blimey Day 4 tomorrow not 3

    Gaynor x

  • Awesome stuff G, you can do it!!! Keep going you are doing great!

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