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No Milestone - but a rocking weekend to you all

Hi guys

No milestones in this message, no deep thoughts or theories - just a damn good feeling that I wanted to share with the forum that got me to where I am - 10.5 months quit without a puff and rocking and rolling my way to the penthouse! (I feel a "Hallelujah" fits in here)

Friday night - been out had a few drinks and feeling great! (Perhaps quite a few drinks!) Been with some friends that smoke...and some that don't. Had a very interesting chat with one who quit for 6 months and who started smoking again about a month ago. Its giving him NO pleasure and he's gutted he started again. He's now looking to start all over again from day 1. God - thats not for me. I could NEVER do this again - nor will I.

So - I'm off to the Lovebox music festival this weekend for a bit of Roxy Music and Grace Jones - gonna have a non-smoking blast!

Continued good luck to all.


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Thanks for a lovely post AG. Well done on your quit & well done for realising that starting again onyl means you have to stop again & go through all the same grief!! Have a great weekend & keep on rockin. Have abooggie or two for me as well pease :) xxx


Good for you, have tons of fun. Life is for living! (says i who's been in a foul mood today )

Enjoy. :)


sorry bad spelling due to long slightly tiddy nails hic xx


Neverstop - Gonna def have a boogie - looking forward to it - espesh to Grace and Pull Up To The Bumper - wot a cracker of a song!

Angel - you'll come out of that foul mood - and everything will be be fine. Live the life!!


Yes I so agree, can't admit that in fronyt of young ones though, oh yes I can cos they dont know what it is anyway lol


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