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Day 4


Good morning everyone day 4, feels good! no craves start to worry when that happens it should be harder i know it will come, if only it could keep like this, nothing to report just a bad night sleeping, again i know it is to be expected.Good luck to everybody with there quit.As anybody heard anything from Rachel Mullen just wondering if she is still on here, and still quit.;)

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Hi Deano, make the most of the days with no craves! Yes rachel posted last night she is just ovber a month quit now so there you go, keep going and you'll be there soon!

Hey Deano

Keep up the good work. The days roll in quicker each day that passess, I find. I so know where you are with the nightmare trying to sleep. The stuff going through my head last night in bed was somethin crazy :eek:

Hi Xandrewx yes i know what you mean some weird dreams, some good one, very good one's, lol.:)

I miss my dreams :(

Well done to both of you - steaming towards the end of the first week :D

Hi deano

4 days is brilliant , your doing great, good to see you back :)

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