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Took a small step yesterday

Hi guys,

I took a small yesterday by going back to the NHS support service, which I can't praise enough. The nurse, which I have known for quite a while, it's great, so nice patient and understanding.

I had a word regarding trying NRTs again and I request for prescription was sent to my GP and it should be read on Monday. I am going on the 24hrs clear patches and I have to pick a day to prepare myself for it.

I must admit, I quite nervous.I smoke quite a lot, so I am not sure if NRTs are going to be enough..but I am keeping an open mind.

Wish me luck!!:)


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Don't be nervous. Its a great thing you are preparing to do. NRT is a good launch if thats how you need to gain the confidence to quit, but don't rely on it. Education is the key. Good focus on the job in hand. Use the forum and all of us who sail within it for support and advice. Take one day/hour/min at a time and try to relax and go with the flow. The woofmang tales on my link are very good in providing inspiration and mental tools and logic you can apply to a crave. H.A.L.T is my favorite. Hungry, Angry Lonely and Tired can all mimic craves. If you get a crave check out its not one of those first and tackle that. Good luck and well done!


Hi Zaira

As requested (kidin), Yes good luck and if you put your mind to it you can really do it like many of us here, I was on 30 plus a day waking up at least once during the night to smoke and reserving the first half an hour of each day to religiously devote myself to 2 or 3 cigs in a row with two cups of coffe and I stopped !:) pinch me (still). Now, 10/15 minutes having some nice breakfast.

You'll need luck, but mostly resoluteness, I found reading and posting on this forum really helped :D


Thank you

Hi guys,

thank you both for your replies..By the way, that video was really really funny!:D

It is true,my behaviour is my problem..definately!My mental dependency on cigarettes is what I was never able to tame.

I will keep posting and reading all the amazing posts on the forum.



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