No Smoking Day
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Listening to the angel on my shoulder this time

Well I believe I slept away most of the weekend and still do not feel anymore rested for it, but don’t care because I still feel good.

I am doing my two days in London today and tomorrow – which normally would be a very difficult time for me (last Monday at midnight I was drunkenly playing ‘stand by me’ on a piano outside the Bank of England) – but I have already politely declined Monday night drinks tonight and will be partaking in another evening in with a bottle of sparkling mineral water (with ribena this time – thanks great suggestion Pookie).

Hope the rest of you are doing well. Thanks for getting me here everyone :D

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Hey Zena sounds like you have got it all planned out! Is there any CCTV coverage of the piano incident would love to see that :D

Stay strong and enjoy your ribena it is sooo worth it, and I promise it does get easier.


god I hope not or I will be on the next series of booze britain :eek:


Afternoon Zena, I am proud that you are remaining true to your cause and not having a drink which would possibly lead to a smoke, well done you.

I think that as you get further along you will maybe be able to have a drink but learn the two don’t have to go together, whether it’s a trigger for you and always will be only time will tell, have a good couple of work days if that’s possible and speak soon x


Angels are useful things :D i've had a few look after me on the odd risky occasion.


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