No Smoking Day
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Wow 9 months today!!

Crikey, here I am again and 9 months quit to boot!!

Most of the time it feels completely normal not to smoke anymore, incredible after 25 years of smoking. I do still get the odd 'thought' that I'd like one, it's just the habit talking cos I have absolutely no need for nicotine anymore.

This last week I have been thinking about cigs a bit more, perhaps a bit of increased stress has brought that on. Throughout month 8 I really didnt think about it much at all. I am still really enjoying being at the gym and know that what I do now would not be possible if I smoked. So as I read someone else saying the other day..the gym wins over smoking anyday. Never underestimate the power of excercise, it has helped enormously with my low mood too.

I hope everyone else is doing well and as always to those new to quitting, the only way to get here is to take one day at a time and never take another puff. Amanda

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Great post, Amanda, and congrats, too, sounds like you've got a very strong quit going, well done, almost a year for you!!


Great stuff, Amanda

Lovin' the line, "...I have absolutely no need for nicotine anymore". :cool:

That comment if nothing else will see you waltzing through this last quarter of the year :)


Well done Amanda , it sounds like you are in total charge of your quit and Nico demon has had his ass kicked big style ....good on ya :cool:

Exercise did it for me too and likewise if I was still a smoker I wouldn't be able to do what I can nowadays , :)

Last bit to do now before you get to the penthouse ....see you when you land.

Best wishes Trev


Wow Amanda, 9 Months smoke free and sounding good, 3 months and you will be up into the Penthouse were the air is clear.

It does seem to become less of a drag the further down the road we go and the less we are obsessed with the thought of smoking, 6 months for me and occasionally I have the thought that I would quite like one but then it’s gone, so I can look forward to 9 months and having less thoughts I hope.

I am glad you have nearly reached the magic marker with such ease, so a big well done.


Well done Amanda, great to see you still [osting it's good for the newbies to see too.

You're doing it, keep on keeping on!



Love it! Well done. And know what you mean about the gym.

See you in the Penthouse!



Thanks for all your support guys, it means a lot. I seriously couldnt have done without you all especially at the beginning. The information and support on this forum is priceless!



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