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well i never thought id get here

when i first joined this site i was on day 3 and struggling bad i used to glance onto the posts of anyone past week one and think o god i want to be there but with the way i was feeling see a whole lifetime away. Well here i am the start of day eight and very proud to say week 2 not feeling to bad today learning to cope with stress better and to be honest smokers are starting to stink lol :p im struggling a bit with my new found senses my taste is so different and my favorite pizza now tastes revolting lol ;) also smells omg some are so strong i actually feel sick but on the plus side im breathing better my cough is better than its been in 3 years and im feeling pretty good so anyone reading this posting before week 2 hold in there its soooo worth it and you will be suprised how fast things improve i no im not out the woods yet but i think im a good way through them and im so determind to find my way out of them thanl you everyone who has been supporting me on this site your replies on my posts have got me through the last week you are all great :D

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Well done on making it to week 2 :D and it's great to hear you're feeling so good! I had doubts in myself too its amazing what we can do if we put our minds to it aye :) i'm on day 12 now so will soon be starting week 3 :D can't wait to get week 2 over with hasn't been easy for me! I know what you mean about the cough and chest i can take a deep breath without my chest feeling tight and it feels and sounds so much clearer! Wish that the smell of smoke would stink to me as well :( still smells good to me and makes me want to light up lol but its getting easier to deal with my cravings so thats got to be a sign! good luck for the rest of ur quit and again congrats on making week 2!!


Hey Bev,

There you can do it, cos you have already. Just need to keep applying that and you'll be reaching more and more milestones. There's a few in the earlier stages and so it's great to be rewarded by fellow forumites congrats. But also actively seek out the support from those around you in your life and tell them how well you are doing.

It's interesting that you said that you looked ahead last week and thought you wish to be in the same position as those in front. Reading ahead does actually help you to gear yourself up to the coming challenges. However, whilst it gives you a broad knowledge of what to expect, specifically one person's quit experience is slightly (or even vastly) different to another's.

A bit confusing, that statement, but look at what Vaughnie is saying in his post. He hasn't got the distaste of smoke smell yet, but you have.

Both of you, Bev and Vaughnie, are doing excellent marching through these days building up good solid quits :cool:

Keep on, keepin' on,



day 8 having real tough time

ok , I did make it to today but having a tough time because my mouth is hurting. I cannot believe how many canker sores i have on my tongue and in my mouth. Yea i researched it and im not the only one this has happened too. Seems to happen to many who quit smoking and have smoked for a number of years. i really want to smoke right now if thats what will make these evil things go away!!!! Guess thats why i am on here writing right now because i really dont want to smoke and i am really fighting the urge right now,,,,,,


Good Morning Bev, welcome to the forum and to your brilliant week 2, I know what you mean about the sense of smell and how all of a sudden all smokers begin to stink mighty awful, I found it a shock and thought oh god that’s how I smelt ugh, I am surprised OH stayed with me as he has never smoked.

To be honest my stress levels went down after a couple of weeks and even now I know that if something makes me feel a bit anxious a cig wouldn’t cure it so I just deal with it and move on.

I’m glad you are feeling physically fitter, and that you have now no longer got such a bad cough, these things clear in time for most people.

If you read the link in my sig about water it was a great help for me.


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