No Smoking Day
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Coming to the end of day 17

Easy day today, the only time I left the house was to look at a nursery for my little monkey. Mood is still low - think I am withdrawing again from my blips, but I intend to do my homework tonight and look at the links in this forum... I am on the look out for a new anti-smoking mantra :)

I have another wedding tomorrow - but its a Muslim wedding with no alcohol so shouldn't have any problems, saying that my dad is already talking about finding the hotel bar :rolleyes:. If only my family were good Muslims we would be half way there...cigarettes always come out when alcohol is flowing :eek:.

Anyway, hope the rest of you are doing ok, take care.


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Hey Zena,

Good that it was an easy day today...wouldn't wish you to miss out on Summer whilst you deal with this pesky stopping smoking issue :)

Remember to keep your wits about you tomorrow at the wedding...even though there won't be any alcohol there may still be other triggers. But you sound as though you have all the bases covered what with reading into the links we have in our sigs. Honestly, it's the best thing any hopeful quitter can do to almost gaurantee them stopping smoking.

Enjoy :)



Thanks for posting Cav, just looked at your first link and can't stop the tears....god life is so precious...I really needed to see that.


Hi Zena, stay strong babe you can and will conquer this mad bad addiction, you know your reasons for making this decision and you need to keep reminding yourself even if it drives you mad, have a great time at the wedding they have some absolutely fabulous music and dancing so get up there and you want have time or breath to smoke xx


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